Bible Coloring Page
Bible Coloring Page

With every success, he earns one hundred points.

Under, you will locate the 12 sets of Bible stories along with the numerous-alternative inquiries.

Bible Story Sets

1. 1st - Development, 2nd - Adam and Eve Disobey God, 3rd - Cain and Abel, 4th - Noah’s Ark

2. 1st - Noah’s Ark, 2nd - Tower of Babel, 3rd - God Provides His Promise to Abraham, 4th - Abraham Gives Isaac as a Sacrifice

3. 1st - Isaac Marries Rebekah, 2nd - Jacob Methods Esau, 3rd - Jacob Dreams of Angels, 4th - Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel

4. 1st - Joseph’s Coat of Lots of Colours, 2nd - Joseph’s Dreams, 3rd - Joseph Sold Into Slavery, 4th - Joseph Will help His Brothers

5. 1st - The Israelites are Produced Slaves in Egypt, 2nd - Pharaoh’s Daughter Finds Moses, 3rd - Moses Meets God in the Burning Bush, 4th - 10 Plagues in Egypt

six. 1st - The Israelites Leave Egypt, 2nd - The Israelites Cross the Red Sea, 3rd - The Israelites are Fed Manna and Quail, 4th - The Israelites are Presented 10 Commandments

seven. 1st - Moses Presented the ten Commandments, 2nd - The Israelites Make a Golden Calf, 3rd - God Brings Water From a Rock, 4th - The Israelites Complain to God

8. 1st - Joshua and Caleb Take a look at Canaan, 2nd - Jericho’s Walls Arrive Tumbling Down, 3rd - Gideon Fights the Midianites, 4th - Samson and Delilah

9. 1st - Naomi and Ruth, 2nd - God Calls Samuel, 3rd - Saul is Made King, 4th - Samuel Anoints David as King

10. 1st - David and Goliath, 2nd - David and Jonathan, 3rd - Solomon Asks for Wisdom, 4th - Solomon Builds the Temple

11. 1st - Elijah Fed by Ravens, 2nd - The Widow of Zarephath, 3rd - Elijah on Mount Carmel, 4th - Elijah Taken Up to Heaven

twelve. 1st - Jonah and the Whale, 2nd - 3 Boys in a Fiery Furnace, 3rd - Esther Gets to be Queen, 4th - Nehemiah Rebuilds the Temple

twelve Questions

1. If you have a brother or sister you’ve in all probability fought. Alas, fighting has been all over seeing that the beginning of time and Adam and Eve had two sons who had some complications. A single of the sons grew to become really jealous of his brother and even killed him!

What Bible tale am I chatting about?

A. David and Jonathan

B. Cain and Abel

C. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

two. I know it sound nuts, but this true tale truly tells about men and women who imagined they could develop a tower all the way up to heaven! God was not delighted about this prideful enterprise and consequently gave all of us a distinctive language. There was a lot of babbling heading on!

What Bible tale am I talking about?

A. The Tower of Babel

B.The Eiffel Tower

C.Solomon’s Temple

three. What would you do, if soon after your wedding, you identified out you married the incorrect human being? Effectively consider it or not, this transpired to Jacob. He was tricked and thus ended up marrying 2 gals!

What Bible story am I conversing about?

A. Jacob Marries Lucy and Ethel

B.Jacob Marries Sarah and Hagar

C.Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel

4. Have you at any time obtained something genuinely particular from 1 of your dad and mom? The boy in this Bible tale did. Bible Coloring Page